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株式会社グロービス の求人一覧

事業内容/About GLOBIS

Since its foundation in 1992, GLOBIS has fostered management ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge. Today, the company is involved in a range of activities, from higher education and corporate training to venture capital. GLOBIS also operates the G1 Institute and the KIBOW Foundation, both non-profit organizations to promote creativity and innovation in society. The GLOBIS MBA and corporate training programs are offered both online and in person across Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, and Thailand. GLOBIS University is the proud home of Japan's No. 1 MBA and is rapidly growing to claim this title for all of Asia.


GLOBIS Insights (globisinsights.com) is an online publication powered by GLOBIS, home of Japan’s No. 1 MBA. We provide practical career tools and inspiring stories for future business leaders. We’re looking for an experienced writer and editor to boost the variety and quality of our articles for a rapidly expanding international audience. Our content includes trends in business, leadership, innovation, and technology. Other duties include assisting with our in-house English language style guide, cross-departmental language support, and liaising with web developers for improved UI/UX of the website.


You will primarily be responsible for planning, writing, and editing articles for GLOBIS Insights and assisting with language support across the company. Your duties will include the following:

  • Writing high-quality articles in line with our content strategy, target readership, in-house style guide, and SEO needs
  • Editing articles submitted from outside parties (GLOBIS staff, GLOBIS University faculty, guest bloggers, freelance writers, unsolicited submissions, etc.)
  • Attending conferences and conducting interviews with rising stars and high-profile individuals in business, government, and society
  • Promoting GLOBIS Insights through social media and other marketing channels
  • Providing feedback in web development meetings with outside vendors for the ongoing improvement of the GLOBIS Insights website UX/UI and SEO
  • Assist with other English-language related projects across the company, such as the in-house style guide, proofreading, light translation, etc.

魅力/Challenges of the position

You will be part of a small, international, high-pressure team on the front lines of the GLOBIS Corporation global expansion. You’ll be expected to think on your feet, have a keen eye for detail, and communicate closely with your teammates to ensure all content is well crafted and suitable for our readers. You will have a great deal of creative input on how we execute our mission and branding going forward. That said, a learning mindset to pursue day-to-day work with a big-picture understanding of our goals and priorities is an absolute must. With great pressure comes great opportunity: working with the GLOBIS Insights team will bring you face-to-face with influential people and help you develop your career on the global stage.



  • Native English or equivalent with strong writing and editing skills
  • JLPT N2 or equivalent (Note: N2 or above is required for full-time company employment. Exceptionally qualified candidates with N3 may be considered for contract-based employment.)
  • 3+ years of professional experience as a writer and/or editor with a focus on digital content
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, media, communications, English, or a writing-related field (or equivalent experience)
  • Familiarity with editing functions of word processing software, especially Microsoft Word
  • Experience managing and delivering multiple projects with quality output on a rolling basis (time management, communication, and organization skills)
  • Flexibility and professionalism to foster strong relationships with team members, colleagues, and outside contacts
  • Knowledge of/interest in business trends
  • Understanding of how web writing and UI engage readers on various platforms (landing pages, article pages, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • An eye for design and detail to provide creativity while aligning with branding guidelines
  • Sense of humor and positive outlook


  • Fluency with Google Analytics and similar tools
  • Familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style and Associated Press Stylebook
  • Experience managing content on social media platforms
  • Graphic design skills, including knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Basic web development skills
  • Certification in copywriting and/or copyediting
職種 / 募集ポジション 《Tokyo》GLOBIS Insights Editor
雇用形態 正社員
  • 102-0084  東京都千代田区二番町5-1 住友不動産麹町ビル【東京オフィス/Tokyo office】
No Smoking in the office. (Smoking room available)
雇用形態/Position type
Full-time employee
Salary depends on work experience, skills, and abilities
・Annual salary revision in July
・Profit-sharing (summer and winter, as per company rules and regulations)
・Commutation expenses covered
・Health insurance, employment insurance, workers accident compensation insurance, pension
・Retirement age: 60
・Stock-holding system
就業時間/Working hours
Flexible Working Hours
・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
・20 paid holidays (can be rolled over to the following year for a maximum of 40 total days). During the 3-month probation period, a maximum of 5 days can be granted, calculated on a pro-rata basis from the start date.
・Annual holidays: New Year’s period (ex. Dec 29-Jan 4), marriage leave, condolence leave, natural disaster leave, maternity leave, sabbatical (after 5 and 10 consecutive years with the company)
教育制度及び資格補助/Self-development benefits
・グロービス経営大学院受講支援制度 ※

・GLOBIS MBA partial subsidy*
・Self-development subsidy (max 200,000 JPY/year)
・Support for attending training courses required for work (all expenses covered by the company at the discretion of the department head)
*The employee is requested to repay the abovementioned support/subsidy for the following cases.
-Employee leaves GLOBIS not completing the programs.
-Employee leaves GLOBIS during enrollment of the programs.
-Employee leaves GLOBIS within two years after completing programs.
※残業は最大45時間/月(内 深夜10時間を含む)
Avg. 10-20 hours per month (maximum allowed is 45 hrs/month)
※The maximum OTW allowed is 45hrs/month.
Department: President’s Office & Entrepreneurship 

Team: Owned Media/GLOBIS Insights Team 

The GLOBIS Insights team is part of the Owned Media (OM) sub-department at GLOBIS HQ. OM consists of about twelve members and oversees GLOBIS Corporation publications, the in-house English style guide, and other language-related projects. GLOBIS Insights is a small team of two members looking to expand.
1日のスケジュール(例)/Typical Workday
GLOBIS employees have flexible working hours and are allowed remote work. Depending on the department and other conditions, staff are asked to commute to the office 1-2 days/week. Typical working hours are 9:30-18:00, with a 1-hour lunch break and weekends (Sat, Sun) off. Seminars/webinars, international interviews, conferences, etc. often take place in the evening (19:00-21:00), so starting hours are adjusted accordingly when attendance is required.
将来のキャリアイメージ/Career Trajectory
Successful candidates are self-motivated but highly communicative, organized, and eager to both apply their skills and develop new ones. You will hold a key creative role in a small team, so your performance will need to be reliable and adaptable. This is an excellent opportunity for a creative-minded individual to develop their skills and engage audiences with content that will inspire positive change in society.
選考フロー/Interview Process
書類選考→1次面接(人事・部門担当担当)+writing/editing試験→2次面接(部門リーダー)→3次面接(代表面接)→ 人事役員面接(実施しない場合もあり)
※ご応募時にGLOBIS Insightsに掲載されるようなサンプル記事もご提出ください。 (ご参考:https://globisinsights.com/submission-guidelines/) 
Application screening (including sample article)→ First interview (HR) & quick writing/editing test → Second interview → Third interview → Fourth interview (HR)

*There may not be the 4th interview.
*Please submit the sample article for GLOBIS Insights (see Submission Guidelines (https://globisinsights.com/submission-guidelines/) for guidance) 
*Candidates who do not meet the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test requirements may be required to take an online test arranged by GLOBIS during the screening process.
*For non Japanese nationality holders, please tell us your status of residence such as Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services (ESI) and its expiry date.
会社名 株式会社グロービス