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A.T. カーニー株式会社 の求人一覧

Kearney中途採用 | A.T. カーニー株式会社


A.T. Kearney is seeking people with the skills, drive and vision to fulfill the promise of strategy consulting - and fulfill their own potential - in this new era.

We seek highly qualified individuals with a proven record of academic excellence combined with significant work experience. We strongly emphasize the personal and professional development of our consultants by involving them in a variety of assignments and supporting them with a strong mentoring program.

Our consultants are challenged to deliver valuable insights to clients to help them achieve competitive advantage.

*English follows 中途採用の方は、以下のいずれかのポジションでご入社いただきます。

◆ ビジネスアナリスト
◆ シニア・ビジネスアナリスト
◆ アソシエイト
◆ マネージャー




  • 四年制大学卒以上、実務経験1年以上の方
  • 日本で就労可能な方



 【問合わせ先メールアドレス】 recruiting.japanCR@kearney.com

We hire experienced professionals at all levels in consulting (from Business Analysts through to more experienced hires like Managers). We will determine a candidate's appropriate level based on background, education level and work experience

 Relevant Attributes

- Being a team contributor
- Excellent problem-solving abilities
- Exceptional communication skills
- Strong quantitative skills
- Personal maturity


- Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree
- Over 1 year of progressive work experience
- Language proficiency both in Japanese and English at business level or advanced level
- Applicants must be eligible to work in Japan


- Please submit a copy of your CV in English or Japanese language
- Please refrain from re-applying within one year

Recruitment Process 

- Web-based tests - English proficiency
- Series of case/behavioral interviews in person or virtually

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