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Kyoto Robotics 株式会社は2000年12月に創業された立命館大学初&発ベンチャー企業です。当社は世界最高水準の3次元画像処理技術をベースにした産業用ロボットの研究開発・製品開発を行っています。2011年には世界初本格的3次元ロボットビジョンセンサを開発・発売しました。現在はその技術を駆使した知能ロボット開発にも積極的に取り組んでいます。(自ら、目で見て、脳で考え、自律的に行動するロボットを知能ロボットとして定義しています。)




Kyoto Robotics Corporation was founded in December 2000 and it is Ritsumeikan University's first & start-up venture company. We are engaged in R & D and product development of industrial robots based on world-class 3D image processing technology. In 2011 we developed and released the world's first full-scale 3D robot vision sensor. Currently we are actively working on developing intellectual robots making full use of that technology. (We define our own robot as an intelligent robot, viewing by its eyes, thinking with its brain and acting autonomously.)

By introducing intelligent picking robots into factories and warehouses called "3K" [(kitsui (tight), kiken (dangerous), kitanai (dirty)] with the philosophy of "releasing human beings from simple labor and contributing to the development of industry", we expect to contribute with human safety and society development while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

By improving productivity with the world's most advanced technology we gained a high domestic share. Robot market size is expected to further expand in the future, promoted also by national policy, the Industrial Innovation Organization, many future investment from Toyota Tsusho, Omron etc., funds created by Toyota Motor Corporation's future generation. Along with further expansion of business, we aim to list on TSE Mothers.

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2012年10月 第5回ロボット大賞・最優秀中小ベンチャー企業賞受賞

2015年8月  第13回産学官連携功労者表彰・経済産業大臣賞受賞

2017年2月 JapanVentureAward中小機構理事長賞

2018年6月 経産省 日本を代表するJ-Startupに選出