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Notice about Changes on Recruitment Due to the Spread of COVID-19

In response to the recent spread of the new coronavirus, LeapMind is flexibly handling all the steps of its recruitment and selection process, regardless of whether it is offline or online. If you have a wish to pay an office visit on your interview day, or a request on your start date, please feel free to let us know.

Due to the difficulties in administrative procedures, we are temporarily reconsidering our hiring of those residing overseas. Also, we are afraid that we are not able to provide a full remote work option for such overseas residents. Regarding the recruitment of residents in Japan, we accept your applications as usual. 
                                     2020-08-04 update

LeapMindについて/ About LeapMind Inc.


Since LeapMind inc. has commenced its business in 2012 with the company mission, “to make it universal that machine learning is applied in mass products which no one has ever created before”, it has procured 49.9 BM. We have dealt with more than 150 companies of customers, mainly manufacturers such as automakers, and have provided them with solutions through our strength in minimal quantization technique to compress deep learning. 

Based on our accumulated experiences in development (of deep learning techniques) in both fields of software and hardware, Semiconductor IP is currently our next target to accomplish.


Based on the expertise we have co-developed with more than 150 companies, we guide you to solve diversifying business issues using advanced machine learning technologies.


LeapMind is currently developing "Efficiera", an AI inference accelerator IP with ultra low power consumption, optimized for CNN inference processing on FPGA or ASIC devices.


Company Profile LeapMind Inc.(EN)

働く環境/ Working environment

  • 服装自由
  • 社内コミュニケーション充実(毎月の全社交流会、部活補助・飲み会補助など)
  • 勉強会充実(社内勉強会あり、社外勉強会の参加費用補助、講演登壇などもバックアップします)
  • PC環境充実(PC、ディスプレイ、キーボードなど希望をお伺いしています)
  • 社内設備充実(椅子や環境のアップグレードを進めています)
  • Amazon Business導入(会社で必要な備品・資料の購入手続の効率化を進めています)
  • フリードリンク(ミネラルウォーター、コーヒー、終業後はアルコールも無料)


  • Casual dress code
  • Enhancement of internal communication (monthly company-wide MTG, club activity support, and drinking support)
  • Enhancement of the study group (Internal study group, support for participating external study group, support for lecturing)
  • Fulfilling work environment(PC, Display, Keyboard, etc. based on your desire)
  • Enhancement of in-house facilities (We are advancing upgrading of chairs and environments)
  • Adopted Amazon Business(Efficient purchasing procedure for the essential equipment and materials)
  • Free drink (mineral water, coffee, free alcohol after work)

    Additional to flexible working style, we can support employees for acquiring a doctorate, remote and short-term working hours by providing various types of work styles.

雇用条件/ Employment conditions

  • 雇用形態
    • 正社員(期間の定めなし)
  • 試用期間
    • 3ヶ月(条件は同じ)
  • 給与
    • 経験・能力・前職給を考慮のうえ、ご相談させていただきます
  • 給与改定
    • 年2回(5月、11月)
  • 賞与
    • 年2回 (会社業績に応じて支給)
  • 通勤手当
    • 5万円/月(上限)
  • 勤務時間 10:00~19:00
    • フレックスタイム制(標準労働時間1日8時間)
    • コアタイム11:00~15:00
  • 休日休暇
    • 完全週休2日制(土・日)、祝日、会社が定める日(年末年始他)、
  • 社会保険
    • 厚生年金保険
    • 健康保険
    • 雇用保険
  • その他
    • 定期健康診断 など

Employment conditions

  • Employment Type
    • Full time (No fixed period)
  • Probation period
    • 3 months(under same condition)
  • Salary           
    • Based on one's experience, ability, and previous salary
  • Salary revision    
    • Twice in a year (May, November)
  • Bonus
    • Bonus to be paid twice annually based on company performance
  • Commuting allowance
    • 50K yen maximum per month
  • Working hours       10:00~19:00
    • Flex-time system(Standard working hours 8 hours a day)
    • Core time 11:00~15:00
  • Holiday, vacation
    • System of two days off a week (Sat・Sun),National Holidays,
    • Dates determined by company(New Year's holidays)
    • Paid vacation(5days after 3month, 5 more days after 6 months)
    • Special holidays(Congratulation or condolence leave:Marriage, Spouse’s birth, condolence leave)
    • Refreshment leave  etc.
      *Last year's example:New Year's holidays(12/28-1/4),Refreshment leave 4days
  • Social Insurance  
    • Employees' Pension Insurance  
    • Health Insurance
    • Employment Insurance
  • Others
    • Regular medical checks etc.

選考の流れ/ Screening process

It will approximately take 1 month from entry to job offer.

  1. エントリー/Entry
  2. 書類選考/Document screen
  3. 面接(2~3回)/Interviews(2~3times)
  4. 内定/Offer
     ※Depending the on job types there would be a technical skill test and the request for submitting a portfolio.  Please check each positions' job description page and entry form for further details.

障がいをお持ちの方へ/For those who are with disabilities


  • 選考内容・ステップについて
    • すべての職種において、障がいの有無にかかわらず、同じ選考内容・ステップとなります。選考の過程においては、選考内容に影響がない範囲で配慮いたします。
  • 働く環境について
    • 障がいの特性に配慮した物理的なサポートや、働き方に関するご相談は、十分に話し合った上で可能な限り対応いたしますのでお申し出ください。

Individuals with disabilities or those who need some support in application, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are pleased to support you and there is no difference in tasks and benefits.

  • Application and Hiring process
    • We apply the very same hiring process of those without disabilities to those with disabilities in all job openings. We will support you through the process within the scope of no impact upon the results.
  • Support at Work Place
    • Please let us know about your needs including physical support in consideration of your specialty and your disability status. We will discuss with you closely and try to provide the best possible work environment to meet your needs.

その他/ Others

  • 面接時の服装は自由です。社員もカジュアルな服装で業務をしています。
  • 遠方にお住まいの方は、online面接も可能です。まずはご応募ください。
  • 前回のご応募より1年以内の再応募はご遠慮いただいております。ご了承ください。

  • No dress code for the interview. Members here dress casually at work.
  • We can schedule an online interview if you live far away. First, please apply.
  • Please refrain from re-submitting within 1 year from the previous application.



Please contact this Contact form below regarding careers.
*Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding non-recruitment.
*We would prioritize the inquires from direct applicants, so please hesitate to contact us if it is from a recruitment agency.

Contact regarding recruitment/応募に関するお問い合わせ