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Field Application Engineer

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LeapMind株式会社 の求人一覧

Field Application Engineer | LeapMind株式会社

About LeapMind Inc.

"機械学習を使った今までにないデバイスをあまねく世に広める"を企業理念に、独自のディープラーニングモデルの軽量化技術や専用回路設計技術と 150を超える企業との共創で得た知見を活かし、事業を展開しています。

私たちが開発したコア製品である”Efficiera"は、独自のディープラーニングモデル軽量化手法「極小量子化技術」を最大限に活かす、FPGAデバイス上もしくはASICデバイス上の回路として動作するCNNの推論演算処理に特化した超低消費電力AI推論アクセラレータIPで、今までAIが使えなかったような環境でもDeep learningによる高度な情報処理を可能にします。

Company Profile

社紹介資料 (JP)はこちら



What you will do/仕事内容

  • LeapMindのミッションである「機械学習を使った今までにないデバイスをあまねく世に広める」の実現に、技術とビジネス上の専門性を活かして貢献する。
  • 顧客のプロジェクトだけでなく、市場動向や技術の発展性を理解し、自社技術を最大限に活用する技術提案の作成から実装サポートまでの一連の業務を遂行する。
  • 法務、知財、技術などの内部チームと連携して、Deep Learning技術のデバイスへの実装方法およびそれを応用したシステム構築方法の提案を行う。
  • As a Field Application Engineer, you are expected to contribute to LeapMind's mission "to create innovative devices with machine learning and make them available everywhere" by leveraging selling skills and business expertise.
  • You will be responsible for executing a whole series of tasks ranging from drafting technological proposals to supporting the implementation which makes the most of our technologies. For this, you need to understand not only market trends and technological developments but also customer projects.
  • You are expected to collaboratively work with internal teams, such as legal, intellectual property, and engineering, and propose methods of implementing deep learning technologies on devices and methods of system constructions using the technologies.

What you will need/必須スキル

  • アプリケーションプロセッサを用いた組込みシステム開発に関連するプロジェクトのマネジメント経験があること。
  • 日本国内だけでなく、海外拠点の顧客に対する営業活動、あるいは技術サポート経験があること。
  • チームの内外と優れたコミュニケーションを取れること。
  • Must have experience in project management related to embedded system development based on application processors
  • Must have experience in sales and technical supports with overseas customers as well as domestic customers
  • Can demonstrate excellent communication ability within and outside of the team

Additional qualifications that are nice to have/歓迎スキル

  • 半導体IP製品、半導体/FPGA設計ツールおよびソフトウェア開発ツールの使用経験がある方
  • 一般的なSoCの構造およびASSPを利用した組込みシステムの構造に関する基礎知識をお持ちの方
  • Deep Learningあるいは従来技術による画像認識・画像処理に関する基礎知識をお持ちの方
  • Have use experience of a semiconductor IP license, semiconductor/FPGA designing tools, and software developing tools
  • Have fundamental knowledge about the structure of general SoC and structure of embedded system based on ASSPs
  • Have fundamental knowledge about image recognition and/or image processing using deep learning or conventional technologies


  • deep learning技術やエッジコンピューティングへの関心が高い方
  • 顧客課題の理解から契約クロージングまでに関わるあらゆるタスクを効率的に遂行できる方
  • 会社の状況やビジネスのフェーズに合わせて柔軟にスタンスを変えられる方
  • 限られたリソースの中でも結果にフォーカスし、コミットできる方
  • A person who is highly interested in deep learning technology and edge computing
  • A person who can efficiently perform a variety of tasks from understanding the customer issues to closing agreements.
  • A person who has a flexible attitude according to the company's situations and business phases.

  • A person who can commit to and focus on the results even within limited resources.
職種 / 募集ポジション Field Application Engineer
雇用形態 正社員
会社名 LeapMind株式会社
Company Name
LeapMind Inc.
松田 総一
(Soichi Matsuda)
〒150-0044 東京都渋谷区円山町28-1 
渋谷道玄坂スカイビル 3F

3F, Shibuya Dogenzaka Sky Bldg,
28-1 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, 150-0044, Japan

<喫煙環境について>  屋内禁煙
No smoking inside the building
9min by walk from Shibuya Sta, 2min by walk from Shinsen Sta.
雇用条件/Employment conditions
賞与:年2回 (会社業績に応じて支給)
在宅勤務手当 5千円/月
勤務時間:フレックスタイム制 (5:00〜22:00, 標準労働時間8h)、コアタイムなし

Employment Type: Full time (No fixed period)
Probation period:3 months(under same condition)
Salary: Based on one's experience, ability, and previous salary
Bonus: Bonus to be paid twice annually based on company performance
Commuting allowance: The amount will be paid according to the commuting route approved by the company. However, actual expenses will be reimbursed according to the number of days coming to the office. (Monthly limit: the lesser of the monthly commuting fee or 50,000 yen)
Working hours: Flex-time system (5:00~22:00, Standard working hours: 8h/day), no core time
Social Insurance: Employees' Pension Insurance, Health Insurance
, Employment Insurance
Regular medical check-ups etc.
Allowance for Working from Home 5K yen per month.
Well-developed health management system (regular health check-ups, stress checks, Carely chat health counseling service, free flu vaccine shots, breast and cervical cancer screenings, etc.)
休日休暇/Holiday, vacation

System of two days off a week (Sat・Sun)
National Holidays
Dates determined by company(New Year's holidays, etc)
Paid vacation(5 days granted after 3 months of employment, 5 more days after 6 months of employment)
Special holidays(Congratulation or condolence leave:Marriage, Spouse’s birth, condolence leave)
Refreshment leave, etc.
*Last year's example:New Year's holidays (12/28-1/4), Refreshment leave 4days
選考の流れ/Screening process
It will approximately take 1 month from entry to job offer.
・書類選考/Document screen
※Depending on the position, you may be required to submit a portfolio and take the skill tests. For details, please refer to the application page or the entry form for each position.
その他/ Others
・No dress code for the interview. Members here dress casually at work.
・We can schedule an online interview. First, please apply.
・Please refrain from re-submitting within 1 year from the previous application.
Please contact this Contact form.
*Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding non-recruitment.
*We would prioritize the inquiries from direct applicants, so please hesitate to contact us if it is from a recruitment agency.