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Software Development Engineer(Money Forward)_Kyoto

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株式会社マネーフォワード の求人一覧

Software Development Engineer(Money Forward)_Kyoto | 株式会社マネーフォワード

Who we are

Mission :

Money Forward. Move your life forward. - ‘Money' may be nothing more than a tool for living. However, money is also essential for guarding ourselves and our families, as well as for realizing our dreams.

We contribute to building a better society by providing services that enable users to “see money in a positive light and broaden their range of opportunities,” thereby significantly enriching their lives.

Vision :

Becoming the financial platform for all - We aim to solve financial issues of all individuals and businesses through building an open and fair financial platform and providing essential services.

Values :

User Focus - Defying all obstacles, we will retain a user-oriented stance at all times, grasping users’ substantive issues and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

Technology Driven - We believe technology to be a major driver in changing the world. We will therefore delve deeper into technology and provide society with deriving services, and thus unceasingly drive innovation.

Fairness - We pledge to be fair and open to all stakeholders including our users, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.

What we do

In line with our mission “Money Forward. Move your life forward,” we provide services that resolve financial issues for all individuals and corporations.

Money Forward ME - is a BtoC personal financial management web/mobile app used by more than 11 million users.

This app is accessible to anyone, easy to use, and free of charge. It automatically aggregates statements of bank accounts/credit cards/securities accounts/FX accounts/pensions/points and compiles a household accounting book.  

Money Forward ME helps users take the first step toward eliminating anxiety about money by enabling users to centrally manage their household accounts and financial assets, and acknowledge their cash flow and balances.

Money Forward Cloud Series - is a BtoB Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which automates and streamlines accounting and human resource operations by integrating data from various back office related platforms and applications.

This series has more than 500,000 users, from small businesses to enterprises.

Other services can be found in https://corp.moneyforward.com/en/service/business/





Occupational categories

  • Development engineer(Ruby(Ruby on Rails), Golang, Kotlin,Java(Spring Boot)JavaScript(jQuery, React.js))
  • Automatic household account book · asset management service "Money forward" The following duties in development of "Money Forward Cloud Series" cloud service for development and business

[Server side development: Ruby (FW: Ruby on Rails),  Golang,Kotlin]
[Front end development: JavaScript (jQuery, React.js)]


・Develop microservices with Ruby on Rails & Golang,or Develop with kotolin
・Lead team members from a technical perspective.
・Understand business requirements and design high-level architecture.
・Create system requirements that include functional and non-functional requirements.
・Write code.
・Review codes.
・Educate team members, like hands-on coding.
・Collaborate with team members, Engineering Manager, Product Manager, and any other stakeholders.
・Write testing code, and ensure system quality.
・Ship software to the production environment.
・Monitor production environment. If any issues happen, fix and recover the system.Qualifications


Experience in any of the following

  • 3+ years of software development experience.
  • Experience with Go
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails is a plus.
  • Experience with Kotlin or Java(Spring Boot)
  • Experience with MySQL or similar RDBs.
  • Deep understanding of microservice architecture.
  • Deep understanding of web service development.
  • Successful track record of developing quality software products and shipping production-ready software.
  • Experience with CI/CD is a plus.
  • Hands-on experience with AWS and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with working in an Agile/Scrum team.
  • Team player.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Solution-oriented and result-driven.

Language Requirement

Advanced level in both Japanese and English is required.

  • English: CEFR-level B2 or equivalent

※Business level,Native level
TOEIC:Above 700 points equivalent,TOEFL iBT:Above 60 ,IELTS:Above 5.0,Cambridge English Language Certificate FCE and so on.

Negotiable,Qualifications and experience that demonstrate English language skills.

If you do not have a TOEIC score equivalent to 700 or higher,you may be required to take a designated exam.

  • Japanese: N2 or equivalent
    ※Daily conversation,Business level,Native level

Salary Range

Min 5,004,000 - Max 11,004,000 Japanese Yen / Year (Gross)

Location, Remote Work

Location: Kyoto, Japan
We require 1 in-office day per week (so up to 4 days per week of remote work).

However, employees can work fully remotely whenever there's a state of emergency (e.g due to COVID-19).

Even after COVID-19 is no longer an issue, Money Forward plans to continue remote work. However the specifics of their policy (such as number of remote days per week) is still under discussion.s


・Biz Platform:Marketo, SalesForce
・Repository Management:GitHub
・CI/CD:CircleCI, ArgoCD, Github Action
・Development Environment: Docker, Terraform Enterprise
・Monitoring Tools: DataDog, Rollbar
・Communication:Slack, Discord, Zoom
・Ticket Management :Jira
・Security・Automation: OWASP ZAP, brakeman


  • Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Japanese national holidays (16 national holidays in 2021)
  • Paid holiday: 10 days (first year) *Number of paid holidays increases (+1 day) every year up to 20 days a year.
  • Summer vacation days: 3 days
  • Winter vacations days: 2 days


  • Health insurance
  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • Full transportation coverage
  • The latest computer (No limit upgrade or purchase when needed for development is available upon approval.)
  • Seminar participation support
  • Book purchases
  • Copyright of OSS belongs to individual

Relocation Support for Overseas Candidates

  • Working Visa
  • Flight ticket to Japan
職種 / 募集ポジション Software Development Engineer(Money Forward)_Kyoto
雇用形態 正社員

  • 604-8004  Japan,Kyoto-shi ,Nakagyo-ku,Sanjo-dori street,Kawaramachi Higashi Iru Nakajima-cho,at 78
About Monthly Salary System
Monthly Salary 417,000 yen(5,004,000 Japanese yen / Year (Gross))〜Monthly Salary 917,000yen(11,004,000 Japanese yen / Year (Gross))

Note:* Commuting allowance will be provided separately.* Including fixed overtime work allowance of 45 hours for regular, non-legal hours, legal holidays and 40 hours for late-nightwork.

fixed overtime allowance:(Include Monthly Salary:120,530yen〜265,000yen)
Probation Period
3 months from joining date (Subject to extension at the discretion of the Company
Working Hour Systems
Discretionary labor system (Professional work type)
or Flexible Working Hours
Working Hour
Standard hours : 9:30~18:30 (including 60 minutes break)
Relocation Support
【All members 】
・Working Visa

【Applicable persons only】
・Flight ticket to Japan
・Temporary fully furnished apartment for the first month
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