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法務メンバー募集! Legal associate(コマーシャルマネジメント部法務チーム / juwi自然電力)

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自然電力株式会社 の求人一覧

法務メンバー募集! Legal associate(コマーシャルマネジメント部法務チーム / juwi自然電力) | 自然電力株式会社
















■記事:  https://newspicks.com/news/312 9951

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仕事内容  Job Description


・契約書等の文書管理業務 等

At the same time that contract negotiations with foreign investors and financial institutions are being carried out, involvement in negotiations with the local landowners and the local construction company also take place. As a member of the project team, it is essential to consider all stakeholders' interest in a complex situation from a legal perspective. In addition to specific knowledge on legal risks, we are looking forward to hiring an individual who has a sense of balanced judgement and realistic understanding in line with our projects.

-Creating contracts and understanding business, reviews, and negotiations in regards to EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
-Creating and arranging of insurance schemes for risk-minimizing and insurance hedging (construction insurance, etc.)
-Provide support for legal・business related departments (Project Finance Department, Project Management Department, Procurement Department, etc.)
-Cheking requirements for Construction Industry Act and various development permits
-Corresponding with lawyer, judicial scrivener and administrative scrivener
-Reporting to officials about project risk exposure and specifics
-Managing documents and other related tasks

必要な経験   Requisite qualifications and experience




Basic knowledge of law
Background in law (degree in law, work experience in corporate law departments or law firms)
Communication skills and self-motivation to promote business involving various insider and outsider stakeholders
High school graduate level of English reading and writing proficiency

Legal Certification (Lawyer certification, etc.)
Knowledge of Anglo-American law
Knowledge of property and casualty insurance
Business level English proficiency
Experience engaging in international EPC projects

Individual who is motivated to increase renewable energy use and symphatizes with Shizen Energy Group's vision to solve social issues
Individual who is considerate of the situation of all stakeholders (foreign investors, foreign manufacturers, domestic listed manufacturers, trading companies, local construction companies, individual landowners of the region, etc.)
Individual who has a deep understanding of the EPC business, and is able to propose resolutions involving all stakeholders lawfully
Individual who can balance logic and emotion
Individual who will pay attention to small details

職種 / 募集ポジション リーガル担当者 Legal associate
雇用形態 正社員
会社名 自然電力株式会社
磯野 謙(自然電力㈱ 代表取締役)
川戸 健司(自然電力㈱ 代表取締役)
長谷川 雅也(自然電力㈱ 代表取締役、juwi自然電力㈱ 代表取締役)
磯野 久美子(juwi自然電力オペレーション㈱ 代表取締役)
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2013年1月 juwi自然電力株式会社
2013年5月 juwi自然電力オペレーション株式会社
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