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  4. バッテリー認証取得推進リーダー/Battery Certification Acquisition & Promotion Leader

バッテリー認証取得推進リーダー/Battery Certification Acquisition & Promotion Leader

  • バッテリー認証取得推進リーダー/Battery Certification Acquisition & Promotion Leader
  • 正社員

株式会社SkyDrive の求人一覧

バッテリー認証取得推進リーダー/Battery Certification Acquisition & Promotion Leader | 株式会社SkyDrive

Overview of the job

■   You will lead the acquisition of certification for lightweight, large capacity lithium-ion batteries installed in flying cars (manned drones) and related systems such as Battery Management System (BMS).
■Fully-electric multi-copter type "flying car" that we are developing is an advanced aircraft that has the potential to revolutionize mobility in the near future. Since it is assumed that flight and operation will be fully electric, the battery plays a very important role in flying range, safety, flight performance and so also have a pivotal role in type certification. In this position, in accordance with the requirements and policies for obtaining certification, you will provide design instructions and verifications, prototype evaluations and correction instructions to the in-house design team and battery suppliers and promote the acquisition of certification for battery-related systems. In addition, since it will be Japan's first "flying car" type certification, you will be in charge of coordination and negotiations with related organizations such as the Civil Aviation Bureau.

Appeal Points

■Nothing is more joyful than developing a flying car by your hand。
 You will be a proud member of a big family consisting of various teams like power electronics, airframe control, aerodynamics and aviation certification and focus on a common goal of developing a flying car. We are proud to provide you a development environment which you can feel only at SkyDrive。

■ For flying safely we have used lithium ion batteries on flying cars as they are  light weight, high power and above all  are highly safe and reliable. Since it directly involve with safety and trust, the road to certification will be of immense joy and will be an irreplaceable achievement for you once the product development and certification is completed.

In addition , achieving certification is a mission to create a “global standard for flying cars” and you may be proud to put your name in history.

Essential Skills

Who satisfy the following
・Have experience in designing, evaluating, and verifying aircraft electrical components
・Have some specialized knowledge and practical experience related to obtaining certification
・Who can tenaciously work on contradictory matters
・English ability to read and understand technical documents accurately

Desirable Skills

Who satisfy at least one of the following:
・Have strong specialized knowledge on battery or related electrical system such as generators, power supplies and electrical distributions systems
・Have experience in certification acquisition or related activities for commercial aircraft

Target Candidates

・Who can flexibly incorporate the opinions and thoughts of others and strive to achieve their goals.
・Who can think spontaneously and promote development projects by involving others




■何と言っても「空飛ぶクルマ」を自らの手で創り上げる喜びに勝るものはありません。パワエレ、機体制御、空力、認証などさまざまなチームが混然一体となり、空飛ぶクルマを創るという一つの目標に向かって集中しており、「SkyDriveでしか味わえないOne & Onlyの開発」を楽しんで頂ける環境と自負しております。








職種 / 募集ポジション バッテリー認証取得推進リーダー/Battery Certification Acquisition & Promotion Leader
雇用形態 正社員
  • 県営名古屋空港ターミナルビル(愛知県西春日井郡豊山町大字豊場)
  • 豊田テストフィールド(愛知県豊田市足助地区)
  • 豊田開発センター(愛知県豊田市西中山町山ノ田20-2)
10:00 ~ 19:00 (休憩60分)
Type of Employment
Permanent Employee
Place of Employment
Toyota Development Center(20-2 Yamanota, Nishinakayama-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)

Test Field Toyota(Asuke, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)
Work Schedule
Working hours
10:00 - 19:00 (60-minute break)
Vacations and Vacations
115 holidays per year (Saturdays, Sundays, year-end and New Year holidays, and company-designated holidays)
Paid vacations *The number of days granted varies depending on the month of employment (in accordance with company regulations). (The number of days granted varies depending on the month of employment.)
Celebration or condolence leave
会社名 株式会社SkyDrive
Company Name
SkyDrive Inc.
代表 / President
代表取締役CEO 福澤知浩 / Tomohiro Fukuzawa
設立 / Establishment
2018年7月 / July 2018
所在地 / Locations
・豊田本社:愛知県豊田市挙母町2-1-1 / Toyota Head Office:2-1-1 Koromo-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

・豊田開発センター:愛知県豊田市西中山町山ノ田20-2/Toyota Development Center:20-2 Yamanota, Nishinakayama-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
・豊田テストフィールド:愛知県豊田市足助地区 / Test Field Toyota:Asuke, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

・東京オフィス:東京都港区港南2-16-1 品川イーストワンタワー7F SPACES品川内 / Tokyo Head Office:SPACES Shinagawa , Shinagawa East One Tower 7th Floor, 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

・大阪オフィス:大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-3-1-800 大阪駅前第一ビル8F / Osaka Business Office:Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka