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株式会社SkyDrive の求人一覧

FAA Type Certificate lead | 株式会社SkyDrive

Role Overview

SkyDrive are looking for a passionate and talented certification expert to fill the role of FAA Type Certificate lead for the Air Mobility Division. The role is highly multidisciplinary and applicants must have a passion for new technology whilst working in a lean manner to achieve program objectives and help SkyDrive deliver a range of certified eVTOLs into the Advanced Air Mobility eco-system.

The role requires supporting leadership across all aspects of certification for manned air mobility products, including certification strategy & planning, knowledge gathering & sharing, coordinating with regulation bodies, ensuring certification issues embedded into engineering activities, and generating certification artifacts.

The successful candidate will be a critical part of the certification team and requires excellent interpersonal skills (in a multilingual environment), strong work ethic, efficient self-management, passion to learn new skills and help develop others.


1. Support the Head of Certification in building a capable certification team and strategy to achieve type certification for SkyDrive manned air mobility platforms.

2. Act as main point of contact for all certification discussions outside Japan (i.e. FAA, EASA etc) and ensure harmonization and effective knowledge share across SkyDrive certification team.

3. Work closely with the Head of Certification, all relevant SkyDrive teams (certification, engineering, supply chain etc) and regulators to agree certification basis for SkyDrive vehicles, and propose and negotiate means of compliance.

4. Support SkyDrive in discussions with regulators on special conditions, method of compliance selection and all other issues relevant to achieving certification goals.

5. Actively involved (author, collaborate and/or review) in preparation of certification related material for SkyDrive vehicles and systems, including certification plans, whitepapers, flight test plans and issue papers.

6. Support certification activities across the full lifecycle and help define certification program plans, milestones, resource profiles, budget allocation etc. Take responsibility for meeting the certification targets defined.

7. Develop relationships to ensure certification considerations feedback into the engineering work (hardware and software).

8. Actively engage with regulator round-table discussions and standards bodies meetings to ensure SkyDrive are well represented and have the latest information regarding eVTOL certification issues.

9. Support Head of Certification in building network of DERs (or equivalent) and coordinating their input ensure successful type certification across multiple regulators.


1. Experience working in a leadership role taking an aircraft program from concept stage to successful type certification, and entry into service, under Part/CS 23/25/27/29 (ideally Part 23 amendment 64 and/or Part 27).

2. Experience with certification of SkyDrive core technologies (FBW flight controls, electrical storage and supply, electrical propulsion, avionics, composite structures etc), for hardware and software aspects.
3. Knowledge of all aspects of ARP4754, safety assessment/analysis techniques (e.g. ARP4761) and lower-level hardware and software standards (e.g. DO-178, DO-254 etc).

4. Demonstrated ability to strongly and effectively communicate any issues that may compromise certification compliance and safety across the entire aircraft.

5. BSc or MSc in Engineering (aerospace, electrical, mechanical or equivalent).

6. Minimum of 10 years working within aerospace certification.

7. Minimum of5 years working with the FAA directly.

8. Software: general office skills (MS Office, Gdocs), configuration tools (e.g. TeamCenter or equivalent), requirements management tools (e.g. DOORS or equivalent).

9. Business level English and demonstrated ability to build positive relationships in a multilingual environment.


1. Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) status for relevant system/area.

2. Experience on certification programs for novel aircraft using Part 21.17(b) and/or successful certification of functions/systems not covered by existing regulation framework.

3. Experience working in eVTOL and/or drone development and demonstrated experience in certification leadership of novel aircraft programs.

4. Some work relating to certification of operations (e.g. UAV ground stations, communication networks etc).

5. Some experience in contributing to aerospace regulations and/or standards/guides (e.g. ASTM/RTCA/SAE/Advisory Circulars) to aid development of aircraft and systems.

6. Experienced using simulation as method of compliance and working with Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) to improve efficiencies and reduce lead-times across the aircraft life-cycle.

7. Business level Japanese.

職種 / 募集ポジション FAA Type Certificate lead
雇用形態 正社員
  • 豊田開発センター(愛知県豊田市西中山町山ノ田20-2)
Type of Employment
Permanent Employee
Place of Employment
Toyota Development Center(20-2 Yamanota, Nishinakayama-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)
Work Schedule
Working hours
10:00 - 19:00 (60-minute break)
Vacations and Vacations
115 holidays per year (Saturdays, Sundays, year-end and New Year holidays, and company-designated holidays)
Paid vacations *The number of days granted varies depending on the month of employment (in accordance with company regulations). (The number of days granted varies depending on the month of employment.)
Celebration or condolence leave
会社名 株式会社SkyDrive
Company Name
SkyDrive Inc.
代表 / President
代表取締役CEO 福澤知浩 / Tomohiro Fukuzawa
設立 / Establishment
2018年7月 / July 2018
所在地 / Locations
・豊田本社:愛知県豊田市挙母町2-1-1 / Toyota Head Office:2-1-1 Koromo-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

・豊田開発センター:愛知県豊田市西中山町山ノ田20-2/Toyota Development Center:20-2 Yamanota, Nishinakayama-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
・豊田テストフィールド:愛知県豊田市足助地区 / Test Field Toyota:Asuke, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

・東京オフィス:東京都新宿区 / Tokyo Head Office:Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

・大阪オフィス:大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-3-1-800 大阪駅前第一ビル8F / Osaka Business Office:Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka