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RPAS(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Project Engineer

  • RPAS(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems ) Project Engineer
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株式会社SkyDrive の求人一覧

RPAS(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Project Engineer | 株式会社SkyDrive

Outline of the Job

SkyDrive are looking for a passionate and talented Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Project Engineer for the Air Mobility Division. The role requires a high-level of flexibility and practical passion for new technologies, whilst working in a lean manner to achieve program objectives and help SkyDrive deliver a range of certified eVTOLs into the Advanced Air Mobility eco-system.

The successful candidate will be a valued member of the RPAS team and requires excellent interpersonal skills (in a multilingual environment), strong work ethic, efficient self-management, and passion to learn new skills.

(Scope of change) Reassignment may occur to any other work.

Job Highlights

In the development of RPAS, it is necessary to collaborate with various teams such as the airframe development team and the pilot team to advance the development together and participate in verification tests. Therefore, you can get a real feeling that "you are creating something, not just an application".


1.Facilitate various RPAS V&V (validation and verification) activities using a combination of simulation, unit/rig testing, iron bird integration and ground/flight test.
2.Technical ownership of select RPAS equipment throughout the full life-cycle (design, evaluation, testing, integration and operations) and updating associated documentation (specifications, test plans/procedures/reports, interface control documents etc).
3.Integrate RPAS with other aircraft systems and liaise with suppliers appropriately on technical issues. This will involve a range of engineering and coordination activities.
4.Support RPAS in conducting tasks with framework of aerospace recommended practices (ARP4754, ARP4761 etc).
5.Develop test procedures and plans for environmental testing and electromagnetic compatibility.
6.Execute tasks required for RPAS installation onto aircraft and configuration management (e.g. CATIA drawings, PLM data entry etc).
7.Support activities relating to Ground Control Station (GCS) design, commissioning, operations and maintenance.
8.Liaise with Flight Test Instrumentation team on integration issues and support flight test data analysis activities for RPAS.
9.Update and maintain project plans in Wrike software and support ad-hoc administration tasks (e.g. radio license acquisition and management).
10.R&D activities related to future deployment of RPAS.


1.Excellent engineering skills and hands-on experience with one or more elements of RPAS, from design to flight.
2.Worked in a RPAS integration environment and involvement across the product lifecycle.
3.Design and development of a RPAS component from concept stage to integration and flight test, and produced relevant documentation.
4.Utilized various testing methods to prove suitability and reliability of RPAS designs (by analysis, simulation, integration testing etc). Experienced with documenting test plans and results.
5.Worked with suppliers on RPAS technical issues and successfully managed requirements.
6.Managed projects in a PM software environment.
7.BSc or MSc in Engineering (aerospace, electrical, mechanical or equivalent).
8.Minimum of 3 years in technical role within aerospace or related field, working with RPAS.
9.Software skills (following or equivalent): general office skills (MS Office, Gdocs), configuration tools (e.g. TeamCenter or equivalent), requirements management tools (e.g. DOORS or equivalent), and drawing design tools (e.g. CATIA).
10.Business level English.


1.Drone pilot skills and certification / license.
2.Experienced formal design/production reviews (e.g. PDR, CDR, PRR or equivalent).
3.Experience with practical implementation of ARP4754 and safety assessment/analysis techniques (e.g. ARP4761).
4.Worked on crewed aircraft within a certification environment. Taken responsibility to propose safety strategies to regulators for flight permission using RPAS.
5.Created detailed CATIA drawings for RPAS sub-system installation purposes
6.Software skills (following or equivalent): Wrike, Labview, Jira, SourceTree.
7.Business level Japanese.
8.Demonstrated ability to build positive relationships in a multilingual environment.

Target candidate

1.Those who are flexible in incorporating the opinions and thoughts of others and strive to achieve their goals.
2.Those who can think spontaneously and promote development projects by involving others.

職種 / 募集ポジション RPAS(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems ) Project Engineer
雇用形態 正社員
Type of Employment
- Permanent Employee
- Probationary period: 3~6 month
5 million yen ~ 10 million yen / annual
*Possibly more than the above depending on skills and experience
Place of Employment
Toyota Test Field - Asuke, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

(Scope of change) Places determined by the Company (including places where telework is performed)
*Business trip to Nagoya Airport Office is required as needed
Working hours
- Basic working hours: Start 9:00 End 18:00(Including 1hour break time)
* No core time
- 115 days off per year(Saturday / Sundays / Newyear holidays(12/29~1/3) / Company designated holidays)
- Annual paid leave
- Refresh leave (Granted after 1, 3, 4, 5 years of service)
- Commuting allowance, business trip allowance, moving allowance, etc.
- Relocation Packages
*There are some conditions.
Social Insurance
Health insurance, employee pension (according to Japan standards), employment insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance
会社名 株式会社SkyDrive
Company Name
SkyDrive Inc.
代表 / President
代表取締役CEO 福澤知浩 / Tomohiro Fukuzawa
設立 / Establishment
2018年7月 / July 2018
所在地 / Locations
・名古屋空港オフィス:愛知県西春日井郡豊山町大字豊場 県営名古屋空港2F / Nagoya Airport Office: Nagoya Airport Terminal Building 2nd Floor, Toyoba, Toyoyama-Cho, Nishikasugai, Aichi Prefecture

・豊田開発センター:愛知県豊田市西中山町山ノ田20-2/Toyota Development Center:20-2 Yamanota, Nishinakayama-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
・豊田テストフィールド:愛知県豊田市足助地区 / Test Field Toyota:Asuke, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

・東京オフィス:東京都港区港南2-16-1 品川イーストワンタワー7F SPACES品川内 / Tokyo Head Office:SPACES Shinagawa , Shinagawa East One Tower 7th Floor, 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

・大阪オフィス:大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-3-1-800 大阪駅前第一ビル8F / Osaka Business Office:Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka