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  4. Instructional Designer - EdTech Content(Professional)

Instructional Designer - EdTech Content(Professional)

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株式会社グロービス の求人一覧

Innovative Instructional designer position at GLOBIS Unlimited – Business E-learning from Japan’s No.1 MBA  

業務内容/Job Details

関わるサービス/Services Offered by this department

GLOBIS Unlimited is an innovative online business microlearning platform, covering MBA-related topics. It has more than 320 courses and approx. 1,800 videos. GLOBIS Unlimited gives you a thorough understanding of essential business frameworks, concepts, and trends and a clear understanding of how to apply them to your business needs. 

GLOBIS Unlimited 

業務詳細/Job Responsibilities

Innovative instructional designers needed to produce online courses. 
We are seeking an experienced or aspiring instructional designer with a specialization in digital content to join our team. The role involves creating courses for GLOBIS Unlimited, an online business microlearning platform, covering MBA-level business topics. 
Your main focus will be on adapting existing content and developing new course material for the online medium, either collaboratively with faculty members, external vendors, or independently. You will be involved in all phases of course creation and development, including planning and research, structural design, as well as working with others on multimedia production, and implementation. 
This role requires coordination with design and video production team members, other instructional designers, and/or subject matter experts. You will be part of a dynamic, entrepreneurial team and are expected to proactively, flexibly, and independently work beyond set responsibilities to meet business goals. 

  • Research various MBA-level business topics, concepts, and frameworks 
  • Write and produce original online course content, including scenarios, scripts, quizzes, and other supplemental materials independently or in collaboration with other instructional designers, subject matter experts, and external vendors 
  • Adapt existing course content for a global audience 
  • Research best practices for online course development and delivery 
  • Actively contribute to meet enrollment, completion, and user satisfaction goals 
  • Developing a network of subject experts to co-create original content 
  • Manage individual workflows and contribute to team targets 

部門紹介/Department Introduction

Department: GLOBIS Digital Platform 
Team: GLOBIS Unlimited Content Team 
GLOBIS Digital Platform (GDP)   
The GLOBIS Digital Platform was established in 2016 with a focus on the Ed-Tech services. Currently, the department has over 200 members (including 100+ tech professionals and engineers), the division actively promotes not only domestic initiatives but also global expansion. 
GDP's vision is to become a leading Ed-Tech company originating from Japan, aiming to "create the future of learning and expand human potential." 
Learn more about the GLOBIS Digital Platform Division: 



  • 3+ years of experience in educational content or training design 
  • Knowledge of effective pedagogical practices 
  • Experience working independently and proactively in a dynamic environment 
  • Experience managing and delivering multiple projects simultaneously 
  • Native English ability with strong writing skills 
  • Native English or equivalent 
  • Intermediate Japanese ability both written and spoken ​JLPT N3 or equivalent 
    *The following tests will be accepted as a substitute for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) 
  • Have a strong interest in GLOBIS business and the GLOBIS WAY
職種 / 募集ポジション Instructional Designer - EdTech Content(Professional)
雇用形態 正社員
Full time employee/Permanent
  • 102-0084  東京都千代田区二番町5-1 住友不動産麹町ビル【東京オフィス】
Flexible Working Hours with no core time
1 hour break
Sundays, national holidays (together with the immediately following Monday if a national holiday falls on a Sunday), Saturdays, any other dates designated by the company (none at this time)
・Commutation expenses covered
・Retirement age: 60
・Stock-holding system
Health insurance, employment insurance, workers accident compensation insurance, pension
No smoking indoors in principle
給与備考/Salary Notes
・Annual salary revisions in July
・Profit-sharing (per company rules and regulations)
・The annual salary is inclusive of premium wages for 45 hours of overtime work and for 10 hours of nighttime work.
(Initial Assignment) Tokyo

(Scope of Variation) Headquarters and all domestic and international offices designated by the company (including locations for remote work implementation), and in the event of future secondments, all offices designated by the secondment destination

*The assignment of work locations and placements is determined based on considerations such as career and skill development, individual circumstances, and optimal distribution aligned with the company's business expansion.
・20 paid holidays per year. The paid holidays in the first year will be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the start date.
・Annual holidays: New Year’s period (ex. Dec 29-Jan 4), marriage leave, condolence leave, natural disaster leave, maternity leave, sabbatical (after 5 and 10 consecutive years with the company)
教育制度及び資格補助/Self-development Support
・GLOBIS MBA partial subsidy*
・Short-term study abroad support*
・Self-development subsidy (max 200,000 JPY/year)
・Support for attending training courses required for work (all expenses covered by the company at the discretion of the department head)
*Employees are requested to repay the above-mentioned subsidy/support in case they: 
-Do not complete the program, or 
-Leave GLOBIS during program enrollment or within two years of program completion.
Department: GLOBIS Digital Platform 
Team: GLOBIS Unlimited Content Team 

GLOBIS Unlimited is a team of 15 staff members coming from various countries, including business development professionals, marketing specialists, designers and instructional designers.
将来のキャリアイメージ/Career Path
Successful candidates are self-motivated, communicative with teammates, organized, and eager to both apply their skills and develop new ones. In this role, you will hold a key creative position within a small team, requiring reliability and adaptability. This presents an excellent opportunity for a creative-minded individual to further develop their skills and engage audiences with content that inspires positive change in society.
1日のスケジュール(例)/Sample Schedule of a weekday
Typical working hours are 9:30-18:00, with a 1-hour lunch break and weekends (Sat, Sun) off.
平均残業時間/Approx. OTW
Avg. 10-20 hours per month
リモートワーク/Remote Work
GLOBIS actively embraces new ways of working as a 21st-century leader. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we proactively incorporate online and remote work while placing a strong emphasis on creating real "spaces" that foster positive communities, company culture, and relationships.

We generally recommend coming to the office three days or more a week, but policies may vary based on the characteristics of each department and team. Please note that the above is subject to change based on the societal landscape.
Company-wide Retreat (Residential Training)
The initiative involves discussions in an environment removed from daily business operations, focusing on:

- Understanding the GLOBIS Way
- Management retreat (making company-wide goals personal)
- Cross-departmental communication and team building

*This is conducted annually over a period of one night and two days. 
*Additionally, there is a "Department Retreat" conducted within individual departments with similar objectives.
With the aim of adapting to the organization and building relationships with colleagues, it is recommended to be present in the office daily during the onboarding period (the first three months of employment).
学歴/Educational Background
University graduate or Graduate school graduate
プロフェッショナル職の職掌要件/Requirement for the Professional
Not only expertise in business but also involvement in organizational management is expected in the long run. Additionally, as part of career development, participation in "educational activities (such as the development of educational content and lecturing)" aimed at disseminating management knowledge is required. (Therefore, it is assumed that obtaining a master's degree is a prerequisite either before or after joining the company.)

For more details, please visit: https://recruiting.globis.co.jp/environment/growthsupport/
選考フロー/Screening Process
CV and portfolios Submission​/Screening →​​1st interview with Manager/Leader and a team member → 2nd interview with HR →Final interview with Director of Department ​ 

Note: Depending on the selection process, another interview with the HR Director may be conducted after the interview with the Department Director. 

*Instructional design portfolios are required when submitting a resume. 
*Applicants will be asked to submit an essay in English following their first interview. (Theme: What would you like to do or achieve at GLOBIS?)  
*Candidates who do not meet the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test requirements may be required to take an online test arranged by GLOBIS during the screening process. 
*For non-Japanese nationality holders, please tell us the status of your residence such as Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services (ESI) and its expiry date.
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会社名 株式会社グロービス
堀 義人

グロービスの"今"や"リアル"発信する場『GLOBIS HUB』
「経営に関するヒト・カネ・チエの生態系を創り、社会の創造と変革を行う。」というビジョンのもと、経営大学院の運営や法人事業による人材育成・組織開発の推進、ベンチャー企業への投資など幅広い事業を行うグロービス。近年は「テクノベート時代の世界No.1 MBAへ」を目標に掲げ、EdTechを活用したプロダクト開発などにも力を入れています。




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