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Digital Tech Change Management Lead(EN)

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合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ(USJ LLC) の求人一覧

Digital Tech Change Management Lead(EN) | 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ(USJ LLC)

What we are aiming for in Digital Transformation

The Osaka Bay Area is attracting more and more attention from all over the world, and further development is expected.
Many guests from Japan and abroad visit Universal Studios Japan and Osaka.
Under these circumstances, in order to enrich the experience value of Guests, we are aiming for dynamic and innovative DX to provide a seamless digital experience before, during, and after visiting the Park.
It is also a project collaboration with the head office in the United States, and there are many difficult challenges, but it is an opportunity to gain valuable experiences and careers that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Energizing people and society with super entertaining creativity.


This role drives productive and effective internal improvements resulting from operating model changes and enhancements, and strategic business decisions.

The position leads vision definition, strategic intent, integration, and change management efforts across the division.  It is responsible for defining a cohesive plan that captures the aspects of people, process, and technology and supports continuous improvement with a focus on planning, change management and dynamic communications. 


  Planning & Prioritization
・Responsible for management, evaluation and enhancement of overall operating model strategies and their related implementation tactics
・Translation and implementation of integration strategies into operational plans
・Develop and support strategy for the interaction model, interaction design and Team Member experience
・Provide oversight to identify, develop and prioritize objectives and operational enhancements
・Conduct assessments, synthesize qualitative and quantitative data, and integrate with key business leaders to understand and evaluate ongoing needs to continuously improve the division
・Develop and maintain operational maturity scoring to support continuous improvement
・Develop prioritization objectives to enable proper decision making across all teams
・Develop business cases and value proposition for new ways of working
・Drive timing and recommendations for senior executives to review and approve key initiatives, support decision-making strategies
・Responsible for transformation roadmaps to ensure strategy and implementation remain aligned

・Translate integration strategies into necessary process design, accountability, leadership, and performance changes that can be operationalized to increase organization adoption
・Manage overarching strategies and decision-making needs across teams to enable ideal outcomes to drive the business 
・Ensure plans are robustly developed and can be naturally transitioned from implementation to sustainment
・Define scope, milestones, and roadmap for change and communications programs
・Optimize process design, accountability, leadership, performance, talent, funding, and other systems to integrate new organization capabilities that result in higher Team Member engagement and proficiency of targeted changes 

Change Management
・Lead transformation change efforts to ensure shared progress of initiatives; collaborate on key announcements or communications, driving transformation visibility and engagement
・Support transitions through development and implementation of the following plans: Sponsorship, Resistance, Coaching, Communication, Adoption, Training, Reinforcement
・Develop change management process plans as new process, policies and procedures are designed to support execution and utilization
・Create and implement change management strategies and plans for salaried and executive leaders to maximize acceptance, adoption, and utilization; Facilitate the development of change management strategies in response to identified needs and barriers
・Lead change management assessments (e.g. change impact analysis, Prosci PCT) for business processes, systems & technology, job roles or organizational structures to support and deploy change initiatives
・Apply structured methodology and lead change management activities across varying projects for Universal Parks & Resorts

・Proactively identify opportunities and develop new communications programs/strategy to up-level communications and improve processes for more proactive, clear, and succinct delivery
・Design an integrated internal communications strategy that builds Team Member’s understanding of the business and their role in future growth, while maintaining a sense of culture and connection; develop and execute content across the division
・Work to ensure involvement and alignment with key stakeholders and executives
・Design and support large-format communication vehicles such as town halls and announcement meetings


LANGUAGE: Ability to use both Japanese and English in business is desirable

・Japanese_Advanced High and above_Professional working proficiency

・English_Advanced High and above_Professional working proficiency

QUALIFICATIONS:   Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) required - Business, Digital Marketing, or Industrial Engineering preferred.

3-5 years in progressive transformation, technology enablement, innovation or marketing leadership. 

 【Selection process】

・CV screening
・2-3 interviews (in both Japanese and English)
・Reference Check

【Working hours】

9:00-17:45 (actual work 7 hours 45 minutes)
*Flexible work, no core time


120 days off per year (average 10 days per month)


Please see below for welfare benefits for working at Universal Studios Japan.

職種 / 募集ポジション Digital Tech Change Management Lead(EN)
雇用形態 正社員
会社名 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ(USJ LLC)

2020年 74%
2021年 67% 
2022年 96%
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